An Example Configuration

The following is an example configuration for Mia! Accounting.

from flask import Response, redirect
from .auth import current_user()
from .modules import User

def create_app(test_config=None) -> Flask:
    app: Flask = Flask(__name__)

    ... (Configuration of SQLAlchemy, CSRF, Babel_JS, ... etc) ...

    import accounting

    class UserUtils(accounting.UserUtilityInterface[User]):

        def can_view(self) -> bool:
            return True

        def can_edit(self) -> bool:
            return "editor" in current_user().roles

        def can_admin(self) -> bool:
            return current_user().is_admin

        def unauthorized(self) -> Response:
            return redirect("/login")

        def cls(self) -> t.Type[User]:
            return User

        def pk_column(self) -> Column:
            return User.id

        def current_user(self) -> User | None:
            return current_user()

        def get_by_username(self, username: str) -> User | None:
            return User.query.filter(User.username == username).first()

        def get_pk(self, user: User) -> int:
            return user.id

    accounting.init_app(app, UserUtils())

    ... (Any other configuration) ...

    return app